Hungarian Lawmaker Forced to Resign After Being Caught at Sex Party

European Parliament member József Szàjer was forced to step down from his post after attending a "sex party" amind the COVID-19 lockdown. Officers also found narcotics on Szàjer after he was caught fleeing the gathering. 

A Soiree of Narcotics and Sex

Spokeswoman for the Brussels prosecutor's office Sarah Durant explained that the party took place at an apartment downtown on Friday, and the neighbors called the police around 9.30 P.M. complaining about "noise and potential violations of measures linked to the COVID-19 pandemic."

When the officers investigated the scene, a passerby informed them that “he had seen a man flee down the drainpipe" whose hands were covered with blood. The man fleeing turned out to be none other than Szàjer. The officers also found drugs in Szàjer’s backpack. 

Szàjer denied taking any narcotics and even requested the police to provide an on site drug test. The prosecutor’s office reported that although Szàjer was being investigated over possession of narcotics, "Criminal proceedings could only be brought after the waiver of the diplomatic or parliamentary immunity of the above-mentioned persons by the competent authorities."

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