Kyle Ramos: Antifa is Exploiting Minorities Across America

Antifa is, and has always been, a communist organization

Antifa has been characterized as many different things, but who are they and what are they doing?

Many in the media have recently claimed that Antifa is a loosely organized group with no real structure. When the groups activities are closely observed, this claim seems absurd. Antifa looks to have had hundreds of professional protesters dispatched around the country to inner cities to antagonize legitimate protesters. There have been multiple reports, that many of the violent Antifa members that are being arrested are not from the areas where the protests are occurring. Even more obvious evidence that they are highly organized, is that there have been piles of bricks and other weapons strategically placed in cities with protests.

The other idiotic propaganda that is being spewed in the media, is that Antifa is an anarchist group. Antifa is, and has always been a communist organization. Antifa has been a communist organization since its inception in the 1930’s when it was used around Europe to foster dissent among citizens of noncommunist nations. Antifa is being used in the same way now as it was then, to sow discord. They are a group that is used to cause chaos in an attempt to drive political change toward communism. They do not want Anarchy as an ideology, they only want to wreak havoc and create the illusion of anarchy to drive an agenda.

You see Antifa in Seattle, where they have taken over a large area in downtown, including the East police precinct and city hall. They have put barriers in place and have armed patrols as they demand change. They are demanding the abolishment of the Seattle police department among other things. This is a facade.

In their demands, they exposed themselves as the communists that they are. As a part of their demands, in addition to calling for the abolishment of the Seattle Police Department, they also want a federal agency to investigate the SPD. Now, what anarchist wants a federal anything for that matter? By definition, anarchists want no centralized power system, particularly on a federal level.

Antifa calling for a federal police force does make sense if you know the history of the group. Communists want a top down “utopian government”. Everything that Antifa is doing seems to be very well orchestrated and well-funded. Antifa is trying to use fear and chaos to push people forwards a radical left-wing centralized government.

Antifa has been lying in wait for the perfect time to pounce, and they found it. The perfect storm hit in late May. With millions of Americans frustrated with being in lock-down, coupled with the outrageous death of George Floyd, the powder keg was primed for Antifa to exploit. When the protests started for George Floyd, Antifa operatives were ready to light the fuse, and they did. Antifa operatives took advantage of protesters who were legitimately protesting, and as tensions were extremely high, all that was needed was a spark. That spark was the rocks, bricks, bottles and Molotov cocktails being launched cowardly from the rear of legitimate protests. This created a mob mentality where others got caught in the moment and followed suit. It quickly snowballed out of control leading to buildings looted and burned to the ground including a police precinct.

This was only exacerbated by the weak and feeble leadership in Minneapolis that told the police to stand down, allowing the rioting to continue uninterrupted. It was not until days later when the National Guard was brought in that the madness stopped.

This same blueprint was then used all around the country. Once things got so out of control in Minneapolis, it only emboldened others to follow suit with no fear of any consequences. Unfortunately, they were largely correct. All that was needed was well trained Antifa operatives in the crowds to lead the way. Once these well-trained antagonists were allowed to run amuck, it invigorated the opportunists to follow suit.

This has led America to where we are today. Antifa has successfully pushed their agenda on the back of George Floyd’s death. They exploited legitimate protesters in an effort to sow division along racial lines. Don’t get confused, they care about nothing but driving a political agenda. This agenda is to cause a revolution towards a communist state and has nothing to do with racial injustice. Antifa, a group of mostly white kids in their 20’s, has used the political capital of the black community in America for their own political gain.

This is not spontaneous or organic. It seems to be funded by higher authorities. Many of the front-line troops, for a lack of a better word, are misinformed. They believe this effort is really intended to create some utopian government that is “for the people." In reality, communism always leaves the people poor and in squalor while the “leaders” live in luxury. Communism is the antithesis of Americanism and cannot be accepted. At this time, it is imperative that Antifa be exposed for the radical Communist group that it is.

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