New SSRS Poll Shows Biden Taking a Lead over Bernie

A new SSRS-conducted poll shows a double-digit lead for former Vice President Joe Biden over Sen. Bernie Sanders. 

Biden Takes the Lead on Bernie 

CNN’s latest poll, conducted by the SSRS from March 4 through 7 with a sample of 1,211 adults nationwide, has shown a clearer image of what we can expect in the future as Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders battle it out for the nomination. 

According to the new poll, Biden has built a decent lead against Sanders, with the majority of Democratic voters standing behind Biden. The survey shows 52% of the surveyed Democrats or Democratic-leaning independents say they want to see Biden win the nomination over the 36% who back Sanders. 

Some are still supporting Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who dropped out of the race, but no support for Sanders seems to be coming from her voters as the poll only saw an increase in support for Biden. Warren has yet to announce whether or not she will be endorsing a candidate, although former candidates Mike Bloomberg, Pete Buttigieg, and Amy Klobuchar have all backed Biden. 

Biden holds the lead over Sanders when it comes to both white and non-white voters, with the exception of the Latino community, who firmly back Sanders. Age groups, views, and party affiliation are also a big part of the divide between the two, as Sanders is the more appealing candidate for voters under age 45 with a 26% lead over Biden. The former Vice President has the support of 72% of voters age 45 or older, compared to Sanders’ 17%. 

When it comes to ideological views, liberals back Sanders 52% to 36%, while moderates or conservative Democrats give Biden a lead of more than 40% over Sanders. 55% of self-identified Democrats back Biden, while independents are very evenly split between the two candidates. 

So far, it seems like the main focus of voters and candidates alike is to defeat President Trump, and the Democratic nominee will likely be chosen based on his strength and potential to win over Trump. As it stands, in this poll, 66% say Biden has the best chance of winning over 26% who back Sanders. The 40 point difference on this topic might be enough to have already declared the winner of the battle, although no one can predict the future. 

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