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Pompeo: Iran Echoes Hitler With anti-Semitic Rhetoric

Iranian Foreign Minister Javid Zarif made a Twitter post, talking about a “Final Solution” referendum, which many like Pompeo called out for the reference to Nazi Germany’s genocide against the Jewish people. The tweet was posted above a promotional image for the referendum in question, saying: “The final solution: Resistance until the referendum.” 

Iran “Echoing Hitler’s Call?” 

Pompeo’s post comes on Quds say – an Iranian holiday, held at the end of the Ramadan month, aimed at showing support for Palestinians and opposition to Israel’s existence. Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei also went on a rant on Twitter the same day, calling Israel a “cancerous tumor” and comparing it to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also responded to the tweet and promotional image on May 20, calling it “reminiscent of the Nazi ‘final solution’ plan,” which aimed to destroy the Jewish people, warning that any regime threatening to do so would “find itself in similar danger.” 

The US imposed sanctions on Iranian people and entities earlier this week, looking to push the country to treat its own people with “dignity and respect.”

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