Quinnipiac Poll: More than 50% of Americans Oppose Impeachment

Opinions are changing. A recent poll conducted at Quinnipiac University shows that more than half of registered voters in poll oppose impeachment. To be specific, 51%, voting against impeaching President Trump and his removal from office, while 45% said he should be impeached, marking a record amount of surveyees who disapprove of impeachment since the announcement of the inquiry. 

Democrats Are Not Looking Too Good

Top Democratic presidential candidates also appear to be not too well- received by the public. Former Vice President Biden is regarded as unfavorable by 47%, about 3 percent more than ones who see him as favorable. The polls for Sanders has him with a 44% favorable to a 48% unfavorable rating. 

Buttigieg and Klobuchar are pretty split, with a 1% difference for Klobuchar and a 2% for Buttigieg. Bloomberg received the biggest difference out of all candidates, with a 21% favorable to 40% unfavorable. 

The most negative perceptions seem to be directed at Elizabeth Warren, with a whopping difference of 7%, in 38% favorable to 45% unfavorable. 

On the more financial side of things, the public seems to be very content with Trump’s handling of the country’s economy, with 54% approving his handling of the economy, 57% saying they are better off today than they were in 2016, and 69% saying the economy is excellent or good. 

Negative Public Opinion Towards Congress

Another interesting question in the poll regarding approval or disapproval of how Congress is handling its job shows a staggering 66% of voters disapproving of Congress. While lower than previous polls, it is still quite scary, as only 25% say they approve of Congress, mainly on the Democrats’ side. 

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