Staged Photo-Op Instagram Model Refutes Claims of Phony Robbery

 Danii Banks, a model on Instagram with 2.5 million followers, had to experience quite an unfortunate incident, stumbling upon an unidentified man with a gun, buck naked in her apartment. 

Fake Robbery? 

Banks said when she first found the intruder in her home, he was startled, but quickly asked her to open a safe, which was empty, afterward pushing her onto her bed and leaving the scene. Some TMZ commenters were quite unhappy with the model’s story, claiming she faked it. 

Instagram model “disgusted” with some who accuse her of staging a robbery. The model responded on Instagram: 

“I’m sick of all this negative feedback. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see I was set up. The person was tipped off on something I had in my home,” she wrote. 

Banks added that the investigation is still ongoing, and while the dog cameras did not capture the suspect’s face, she’s hoping his voice could be recognized. Reports of an armed robbery at her apartment were answered by the Chamblee Police Department and a side entrance was found forced open, helping Banks’ case that the robbery wasn’t staged.

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