Rudy Calls Raid "Illegal" as Feds Refused to Take Hunter Biden Evidence

In recent years, another former Trump Lawyer, Michael Cohen, was also raided, albeit for different reasons.

This week, the FBI raided the home of the former personal attorney of President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and seized his electronic devices. Lawyers are rarely raided in the manner carried out against Giuliani, but it seems somewhat commonplace in the era since the political establishments obsession with former President Trump began.

Why Didn't FBI Take Rudy's Evidence Against Hunter Biden?

In recent years, another former Trump Lawyer, Michael Cohen, was also raided, albeit for different reasons, and Rudy's lawyer, Robert Costello, also disclosed that although the warrant described an investigation into the possible violation of foreign lobbying laws, that it also sought to obtain communications between Giuliani and former columnist for The Hill, John Solomon, a well-respected member of the media.

Interestingly, Giuliani noted that although the warrant required the FBI to seize all electronics, the agents refused to take the hard drives Giuliani told them were from the Hunter Biden laptop. Even more shockingly, the Feds didn't even bother to question Giuliani whether or not they truly contained Hunter Biden's laptop contents.

Giuliani told FOX News' Tucker Carlson this week that "Hunter Biden's hard drives fall within the scope of the subpoena,"  "The subpoena required them to take all electronics. They decided to leave that behind. They also were completely content to rely on my word that these were Hunter Biden's hard drives. I mean, they could have been Donald Trump's. They could have been Vladimir Putin's. They could have been anybody's. But they relied on me, the man who had to be raided in the morning."

Giuliani is currently contesting the legality of the warrant, as the former NYC mayor claims that the FBI has no evidence, which would be required to execute a raid, that he was not willing to turn over anything they wanted.

Giuliani also called the warrant "Completely Illegal" and also said "The only way you can get a search warrant is if you can show that there is some evidence that the person is going to destroy the evidence or is going to run away with the evidence. Well, I've had it for two years and haven't destroyed it, and they also got it from the iCloud. So, there was no justification for that warrant. It is an illegal, unconstitutional warrant."

The Democrats and anti-Trump elements within the Government have obviously not let go of the wide-ranging phishing expedition that they have been conducting against not only former President Trump, but anyone either directly, or even loosely associated with him.

Let's not forget that in early 2019, the House Judiciary Committee, led by NY Congressman Jerry Nadler, issued subpoenas for a whopping 81 individuals associated with the former President. Yes 81! These gestapo-like tactics were meant to shame and embarrass anyone with even a seemingly loose association to the former President. And much like the raid of Giuliani this week, were meant to compel the American people into the false belief that that Trump and his associates were engaged in illegal activities, while the justice department and media continue to provide cover for the many controversies associated with politicians and people of interest on the left.

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