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Running out of Storage on Mac? Here Are 7 Tricks To Free Up That Space

A lot of people probably don't think about the hard drive space on their Mac until it's too late. Here are some easy-to-execute tips for freeing up some extra storage space:

- Move your iTunes library. A lot of people forget that they can move the entire iTunes library to a different drive or location on their computer. This will not only free up space, but also allow you to maintain the library in one central place for all of your Apple devices.

- Disable iCloud Photo Library and clean out old photos. If you're running low on space on your Mac, this is a good first step. You can always turn it back on if you ever need to.

- Remove old programs that you don't use anymore. For every app that you install, there is a set of files and data that come along with it. These files and data are often unnecessary and can be deleted in order to free up space. You should look in the main program folder as well as the ~/Library/Application Support/ folder for files you no longer need.

- Clean out your downloads folder. If you haven't looked here in a while you probably have a lot of files that are taking up unnecessary space. This is a great place to start.

- Clean out your music library. If you are constantly adding new music to your library, there might be some old songs or albums you can delete in order to free up space. You should start this process by looking at the oldest and least listened to entries and then working your way forward from there.

- Empty the trash regularly when quitting applications. Not everyone is aware of this simple trick, but if you keep your Mac from emptyng the trash automatically, it can cause some applications to use more storage space than necessary.

- Backup your computer regularly. If your hard drive breaks or gets too low on space, you will lose every file you have saved on it. Make sure that your computer is backed up so you do not lose everything important to you in case of disaster.

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