Sarah Sanders to Fox: "No Surprises" in Mueller Statement

"He said it was completed, case closed."

In an interview with Fox News' Outnumbered Overtime, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders gave her thoughts regarding Robert Mueller's "retirement speech" and said among other things:

"He said it was completed, case closed,"

"He's shutting down his office and moving on going back to his private life. We think it's great that he's doing that, and we hope everybody else does that as well."

"Let's not forget what this investigation, the entire purpose of it, the entire existence of the special counsel and this process, was to determine whether or not there was collusion,"

"There was no question; he was clear on the fact there was no collusion. He didn't just make that determination on a whim."

"If Bob Mueller had thought there was wrongdoing and was sure of it, he would have had a moral obligation to say that,"

"In fact, he did the opposite. He concluded that there was no collusion, there was no conspiracy, left the determination about obstruction up to the attorney general because he couldn't find enough to make that determination himself."

Although Bob Mueller is returning to private life following the close of his special prosecution, he will still linger in the American stream of consciousness as the coming weeks will see no shortage of paraphrasing, revising and agenda driven interpretation of his comments today as well as the totality of the his infamous report.

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Julio Rivera

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