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In an America where we are constantly expected to be a single issue supporter, I can today, proudly say that Donald J Trump is still my President. It's a concept I find interesting, that one would withdraw support from anyone for a single decision, or ideology. We are however expected to at random, spin our support on a dime, but I will not be that kind of American.

A British friend of mine asked me today if I still supported The Donald and I was able to say, hand on heart that I do. I was then given a laundry list of things that Trump has done that It I haven't agreed with. Yes folks, I hate to break it to you, but this Gay, Conservative doe snot agree with his every decision, but you know, that is OK. True support does not require agreeing on every mute point.

It is a total misconception, mostly purported by Liberals and The Media, that in order to support our Leaders, we have to agree with them 100 percent. The concept is nothing short of folly, but we are however expected to fall in line with it, even with our own party. As a Commentator, I have to be as critical of my own, if not more, than I am of the opposition, to remain objective.

In order to understand this more, we have to look at the media's role in all of this. The average American sadly has to be told what to think, and is reliant on whatever source feeds them informatively. Low information Americans will accept anything that is served to them, as if it is in the news, it must be true. Maybe 25 years ago, but sadly not of late.  The media relies on the gullibility of the general public.

In fairness. it is their job to report the facts, but we have allowed them to rely on reporting their opinion as fact. This feeds into public opinion in a way to completely control it, and ensure the desired effect, trashing Trump. If more people questioned the authenticity of media, and refused to buy, subscribe to, read fake news, they would be forced to change.

It has been asserted that on occasion, I am too protective of POTUS, but to be honest, I am not sure if that is possible. While there are many out there, willing to put him down for anything he says or does, surely some of us have to, when reasonable, be prepared to redress the balance. His commentary is not always defensible, and I have incurred the wrath of my fellow Conservatives for being critical.

There is no doubt that this man has a conscience, as he often puts decisions on hold, in order to grasp the full ramifications of a situation. As an Animal Lover, I was this week upset at the reversal of Obama's rule of not allowing the import of Trophies from hunting into the country. It was, in my opinion, rash and did not fully consider the knock on effect of this for Elephants.

In true Trump fashion, he listened to Public Opinion, and put the matter on hold, while he investigated further. The media were quick to judge his action, but when it came to his willingness to investigate further, the media were expectantly silent. This highlights for me the unwillingness to fairly and accurately report this administrations true effect on America.

Supporting any President is hard, as there will always be things you don't like or necessarily understand, and there should not be an expectation to agree with every mute point. There has never been a more important time to be supportive of The Donald, as so many are going to extremes to bring him down. I have said this many times, and believe it to be fundamentally true. Wanting The President to fail, is wanting America to fail. Lets not let that happen.

God Bless America, and President, Donald J Trump

Love and Peace

Xan xo


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Xander Gibb

Xander Gibb, The Host of #XRAD, Broadcaster, Writer, Actor, Singer Comedian, with an honest unapologetic response to the world around him.

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  1. You make good points about the media as they've become more of an entertainment system that continues to manipulate the public, and they play both sides of the party line as it's how they make more money. RE DT, he leaves little room for the 'balance' you speak to as his leadership has been anything but, given who he's brought in as cabinet members (most unqualified for job, Carson, Pruitt & DeVos are great examples), and the radical direction he's chosen to go re healthcare and now this insane tax reform package. He's also mishandling immigration (another long conversation) poorly, and environmental protections. He'll barely make it past the 2018 elections, and likely will be gone before the 2020 elections along with a host of others. This investigation is going to be very damaging for the Republican party and their leadership is extremely worried about it...

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