Judge Saves Hospitalized Girl From Being Disconnected From Life Support

A temporary restraining order against a hospital was granted by a Texas judge, preventing doctors from ending treatment for 9-month-old Tinslee Lewis until November 23, giving more time for the family to think of their options and find a solution. 

A Rare Condition Renders Doctors Powerless 

Cook Children’s Health Care System spokesperson Winifred King came out with a statement regarding the baby’s condition, saying she has been on life-sustaining treatment for almost her entire life, due to being born with a rare condition, affecting the heart, called Ebstein’s anomaly, bringing about chronic lung disease and severe chronic pulmonary hypertension. 

Doctors believe that the condition is irreversible and that the child will only suffer. King also stated he had reached out to another 20 facilities from L.A. to Philadelphia. However, all agree on one thing, which is that nothing more can be done, considering the condition of the child. 

Tinslee’s parents, however, are glad that they at least get some more time to find a solution, thanks to the judge’s order: 

“I thought they was going to pull the plug on my baby. I didn’t think that she was going to still be here today. And that’s what I’m grateful for. It was a big relief because I’ve been running around all week trying to get help until Sunday, and then I finally got what I’ve been praying for,” her mother, Trinity Lewis, said at a press conference Sunday. 

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