Survey Shows 42% of New Yorkers Believe NYC is Headed in the Wrong Direction

According to a survey conducted by the Manhattan Institute, residents of the Big Apple are split on the city’s trajectory, with 46% claiming the city is heading in the right direction, while 42% believe the opposite. The Manhattan Institute’s survey comes at a time when New York gradually reopens its economy, which has been all but shut down in past months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Multiple Concerns Over NYC’s Future

According to the survey, 22% of New Yorkers stated the city’s economy as their top concern, followed by 21% who were most concerned about public safety. Another 12% of NYC residents claimed that race relations are the biggest issue in the city. However, despite weeks of protests and calls to defund the NYPD, 53% of the Big Apple citizens approve of the Police Department’s actions, while 40% disapprove of it.

Despite the general discontent and the growing number of New Yorkers fleeing the city, there are some who are content with their current living situation. According to the survey, residents of Manhattan are the least likely to leave New York. 48% claimed that they’re happy in their current neighborhood and wouldn’t choose to live anywhere else. 

On the other hand, Staten Island residents were not as content with the city’s current situation. Nearly 26% of the Island’s residents stated that if they could choose another place to live, they would move “somewhere far away from New York City”. 

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