The Pros and Cons of Working Remotely

The coronavirus pandemic has more people working from home than ever before. Many people are starting to get used to the idea of working remotely and would like things to stay that way. Others are considering starting remote work anyway so they have better job security in times like this. Then there are the people who just have trouble working in an office environment anyway. Here are the pros and cons of working remotely. 

Pros of Working Remotely


Being a remote worker comes with a feeling of true independence. This independence means more than being able to work in sweat pants. It also means that you have to rely on your own self-discipline and self-motivation. It’s also up to you to stay focused and work on concentration. Time management is a crucial part of being able to work from home successfully. If you have the skills, then working from home lets you use them to your advantage. 

Get More Done 

Contrary to popular belief, most remote workers actually get more done. Remote workers don’t have to commute for a start. Remote workers also don’t get interrupted by co-workers and don’t get distracted by the chatter of the office. Of course, there are other distractions to fight, but, for the most part, remote workers tend to get more done. 

Master Communication 

Remote workers have to be more aware of all the different communications tools out there. They can’t just head to the meeting room to get things done. Between texts, Skype, Zoom, emails, and other online meeting tools, remote workers quickly learn to master all the communication tools open to them. 

Cons of Working Remotely

You Can Forget to “Clock Out”

Some people think that working from home means having to do less. It could be the exact opposite of the diligent employee that wants to keep working. If you don’t have the separation of leaving your home or leaving the office, workdays tend to blend together with regular home life, and it can feel like you’re always on the job. 

You Feel Out of the Loop 

The office is filled with more casual collaboration than people realize. It’s not something you notice until you’re out of the loop. Whether it be things like having a brainstorming session over lunch or learning from your colleagues, there are things about working at an office you can’t do at home. 

Limited Access to Technology 

Cloud technology has enabled remote workers to have access to everything they need at home. With that said, there could be situations where data and protection concerns mean that telecommuters don’t have full access to everything they need. 

Accusations of Slacking 

If you aren’t able to respond to a call or email as soon as possible, other employees back at the office might not be as lenient with you as they would be if you were there with them. People might think that you’re slacking and taking things too easy. It’s up to people who work from home to make it clear what they are doing. 

Be A Good Worker Even at Home

If you become a remote worker understanding that you could have to work harder than you did before, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of remote work and offset the negatives. 

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