Top 5 Video Conference Apps to Stay Connected During the Pandemic

It’s never been more important to find ways to stay connected remotely to friends, loved ones, and work colleagues. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to do just that. Here are the top 5 video conferencing apps to stay connected during the pandemic. 


Zoom quickly became the go-to video conferencing app for many. It’s not hard to see why. The app offers a simple and effective way to connect to others through mobile and desktop devices. Zoom offers HD quality audio and video and has support for up to 1,000 people per call. Zoom also allows for up to 49 videos to be displayed at once, but users need a pretty big monitor to keep track of that many feeds. 

Zoom also allows for screen sharing and file sharing, 10-years of messaging history, and automated scheduling through email. Zoom is available for free with more features available for paid users. Most people will get more than they need with the free version. 


BlueJeans has become something of an alternative for Zoom. BlueJeans comes with three different pricing plans, depending on what a business needs. The app supports up to 150 people per call, depending on the subscription plan. The app also allows for call recordings, screen and file sharing, and calendar support. There’s the option to try it out on a 30-day free trial to get accustomed to what BlueJeans offers. 

Google Hangouts Meet 

Google Hangouts Meet is one of the many apps under the Google umbrella. Meet is available for a range of platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Given that Meet is a web app, there’s no need to download any separate software to use it. Just create the meeting and share the link to the meeting with whoever you want. Google Hangouts Meet stands out for having a simple interface and letting lots of people connect at once. 


Skype is the granddaddy of video conferencing and remains one of the most generous offerings in regards to what is offered for free. This Microsoft-owned app includes support for multiple platforms, including browser support. You don’t need to install anything on your device to use Skype. All you need is an email address. 

There’s no end to the list of features for Skype. The free version alone comes with; screen sharing, background blurring, live subtitles, and the ability to record calls. Skype for Business is a paid plan that offers even more. 

WebEx Meetings 

WebEx Meetings is supported by Cisco. There’s bound to be high expectations for something with such a big name behind it. WebEx doesn’t disappoint. Much like other big names, WebEx offers a free version with several paid tiers depending on what users need. 

The free version comes with more than enough for most people. WebEx Meetings offers calls with up to 100 participants, high-quality video and audio, screen sharing, private chats, 1GB of free cloud storage, and unlimited meetings. Users are given a personal address they use to connect to meetings and access other features.

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