Woman on Zoom Video Conference Forgets to Turn Off Camera During Bathroom Break

With the coronavirus epidemic in full swing, millions of people are working from home. Some people are working from their living rooms, some from their kitchens, some from their bedrooms and some – by mistake, of course – from their bathroom.  An American woman accidentally left her camera on during a Zoom video conference call, meaning her workmates accidentally got to see her go to the toilet in a video that's gone viral on Twitter. 


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The worker, known only as Jennifer, is seen going through her home as she and her colleagues discuss work-related matters. In the video, Jennifer can be seen pulling down her trousers and sitting on the toilet as the other people in the call laugh in disbelief. 

Jennifer quickly noticed her mistake and moved the camera, but it was a bit late by then. Her workmates took things in stride and reassured her they had seen nothing. The video is trending with the hashtag #PoorJennifer, with users pointing out that it must have been recorded – and posted – by someone who was in the call at the time. 

People were quick to praise Jennifer for her ability to multitask, with some admitting they had done similar things. Working mums said that they had used the bathroom or done other things while working and told Jennifer not to be ashamed of what happened. 

One commenter went so far as to call her a national hero and praise her for not letting anything stop her, saying, 'Real or fake, #PoorJennifer is a national hero! Among other things, she just saved soooo many people a ton of embarrassment when they start using Zoom to work from home. Hats off to Jennifer! #Coronaviris #Covid_19'

Some users are questioning if the video is even real. If it is real, then you'd have to wonder why it was filming. If someone had shot the video and posted it without Jennifer's consent, then they'd be opening themselves up to all kinds of legal problems. 

Other users shared their own similar experiences, including one woman who made a call in a towel after getting out of the shower. Just recently, there was the story of the man who walked past a woman in a video conference. The man realizes his mistake and hurries offscreen, almost knocking himself out in the process. 

We're likely to see more incidents like this as people work from home. Who knows, though? Maybe we could all do with the comic relief given everything happening right now. 

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