Dan Wos: Since Biden's 1990 "Gun Free School Zones Act," School Shootings Have Nearly Doubled

One study shows that guns are used to save lives 2.5 million times per year in America

I read as many anti-gun articles as I can stomach, because it gives insight into the Anti-Gunner’s intentions. In an article from the Post Star in Glens Falls New York, OpEd writer Will Doolittle reveals exactly how the left formulates their anti-gun argument.

In Wills article titled “Some Places Guns Aren’t Necessary,” he argues for the removal of armed security for our school kids. He said:

“But we can’t be posting armed guards in front of every elementary school who will challenge anyone who approaches and shoot everyone who fails to comply.”

Let’s look at this quote and see how misleading it is. This is where it gets sinister. We all know that there are unjustified fears around guns but the perpetuation of this false fear is what encourages people to stay unarmed and defenseless. It also gets our school kids killed by making them vulnerable to attacks through dangerous left-wing legislation. The implication that an armed guard at a school would “challenge anyone who approaches,” is a fear tactic continually used by the anti-gun left. This type of rhetoric is created so people will be encouraged to fear anyone with a gun. This also builds hatred toward law-enforcement and lawfully armed citizens.

Ever since the Gun Free School Zones Act was introduced by Joe Biden and signed into law in 1990, school shootings have nearly doubled but the anti-gun crowd desperately tries to keep this information hidden from you.

Will then goes on to say that armed guards would “shoot everyone who fails to comply.” This is obviously over-the-top rhetoric, but the problem is, many people who have already been misled by dishonest media on the topic of guns, don’t recognize the implication behind this statement. Doolittle most likely does not believe his own rhetoric, which is why we must recognize the intent behind it. Anti-gun rhetoric like this creates fear and anger in the hearts of those who don’t know any better, yet the perpetrators continue to encourage unarmed helplessness while perpetuating these dangerous lies.

Truth doesn’t matter to Anti-2nd Amendment Radicals when peddling fear.

Later in his article, Mr. Doolittle argues to keep college students vulnerable to attacks by using a very typical and tired strategy. In response to Ann Marie Somma, SUNY Adirondack College Vice President for administrative services saying, “It is one method of thinking that drawing a weapon itself is enough to get someone to comply,” Doolittle responded by saying:

“They should not, because when guns are present, terrible mistakes can be made.”

This “accidental firearm death” rhetoric creates a false narrative and hides the truth about how important guns actually are when lives are in danger.  It’s easy to fool people who don’t know any better into believing that guns cause high numbers of accidental deaths but the truth is, it’s a lie. The anti-gun crowd will use this strategy as long as uninformed people will listen. According to the CDC, you are 51 times more likely to die from an accidental poisoning than the accidental discharge of a firearm.

Here’s the truth that anti-gun activists really don’t want you to know. Let’s look at the number of lives saved by guns. A study called Armed Resistance to Crime: The Prevalence and Nature of Self-Defense with a Gun shows 2.5 million times per year in America, guns are used to save lives. These defensive gun uses (DGU) most often do not even require a shot being fired to deter a bad guy. The mere presence of a gun often stops the attack. This study was also backed by CDC data. It should also be said that 46% of these DGUs are by women. The ability of women to defend themselves should be a priority, but unfortunately some disagree.

So, are those folks who try to keep people unarmed and helpless, bad people?  Maybe. Are their misleading media tactics dangerous? I would argue, yes. It would seem that the Anti-Gun Radicals’ political priorities and their disdain for self-empowered Americans is the fuel that drives them. How do we stop them from putting people in danger with their misleading information? How do we keep them from encouraging people to be helpless victims for violent attackers? We expose them. We show those who are scared of guns, the culprits behind their misguided fear.

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