Polls Continue to Rebuke Impeachment Support

A new survey shows support for President Trump’s impeachment keeps dwindling as more Americans vote against impeachment. 

Impeachment Crusade Losing is Public Support

One of Gallup’s first polls regarding impeachment around October showed great support for impeachment by the public, with a 52% voting for and 46% voting against impeachment. Gallup’s latest survey conducted Dec. 2-15, however, shows a complete flip, as 51% oppose impeachment and only 45% support it. 

Since November, support for impeachment has been dropping drastically. The newest Gallup poll just confirms that the majority of Americans oppose Trump’s removal from office. These sentiments are corroborated by an earlier survey conducted by Quinnipiac University, where 51% of American voters are against impeachment and 45% who support it.

The President did not hide his fondness of the poll results and made a Twitter post as soon as he saw the results: 

While the votes are still mostly split along party lines, it turns out that most independents vote against impeachment over supporting it. Another interesting statistic shows a gender divide in support and opposition, with men primarily opposing Trump’s removal, while women mostly support it. 

The results, however, don’t mean everything is over, as ultimately the decision on whether or not to convict President Trump on the articles presented by Democrats lies in the Senate’s hands. It was expected that Trump would be impeached in the House, but most believe that he will be acquitted as fast as possible in the Republican-controlled Senate.

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