Samsung Claims to Have Fixed Its Foldable Phone Screen Issues

The foldable phone was set to be the new major trend in 2019. It was set to combine the phone and tablet into a single handy device that could handle the jobs of both. The idea quickly ran into a snag when the Samsung Fold was released, and it had a lot of issues, such as hinges that break too easily, a crease that appeared in the middle of the screen, and a screen protector that ended up breaking the screen it was supposed to protect. 

The problems were so numerous and prevalent that Samsung ended up pulling the device from production. They canceled the 26th April launch, taking things back to the drawing board to address the problems. It seems that what affected the design of the phone has now been fixed, as Samsung spoke to Bloomberg, claiming to have fixed the issues. They promoted that the Samsung Galaxy Fold will be starting up production in Vietnam again soon. 

Samsung reportedly stretched the protective film so that it wraps around the entire screen and flows into the bezels to make it impossible to peel off. Samsung also claims that they have re-designed the hinge from scratch. It’s now pushed up slightly upward from the screen to stretch the film further when the phone opens. This should prevent the breaking and creasing issues that had been a problem with the early test models. 

These changes will, hopefully, be enough to prevent the earlier problems from coming back. It will also hopefully convince potential buyers that the device has long-term appeal and usability from a quality perspective. Samsung has to convince a lot of people who were ready to buy one of the devices but are sure to be more cautious about the purchase due to concerns about the quality of the Samsung Fold. 

However, Samsung did more than just finding solutions for engineering problems. They also came up with an answer to the question that was on all of our minds; how did Samsung not notice the issues during the quality assurance process? The answer is connected to Samsung CEO DJ Koh. Koh released a statement via Android Central in which he took full responsibility for the failures and said it was because they wanted to rush to production instead of sticking to their QA processes. 

It seems that the company is hoping to avoid making the same mistakes they did before. They want to be sure that they test the device accurately before announcing new release dates. Samsung says they are testing over 2,000 devices. They defined all of the issues – including some issues that they didn’t think of but reviewers found – and now mass volume testing is still ongoing. 

Only time will tell if this proves enough to convince people the Fold is back and better than ever, or if the new age of foldable phones is still a little time away. 

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