Videos Show Shootout Between Jersey Cops and Anti-Semitic Attackers

Freshly released videos show what truly happened in a December shootout between police and attackers in a Jersey City grocery store. 

Jersey Shootout Footage

Jersey City was host to a horrible shootout between police and attackers in December, which left three civilians dead inside a grocery store, as well as the two offenders and a police detective, bringing the total body count up to 6. 

The attackers were identified as David Anderson and Francine Graham, later discovered to be anti- Semitic as well as anti-police, after digging through their backgrounds and social media accounts. 

“I think he’s down. I’ve got a gun on the ground. Nope, he’s still moving. Behind the wood,” one of the officers can be heard saying in the video. 

The footage is taken from a camera attached to one of the officers, showing his point of view of the scene, as he aims and fires at the attackers from a school while changing positions to properly observe, analyze and contain the threat. 

Anderson and Graham were found dead inside the store after an armored vehicle crashed into the establishment. 

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