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Bill Gates: Pandemic to be Over by End of 2021

Bill Gates told Wired’s Steven Levy that he feels optimistic regarding the coronavirus pandemic and its eventual end. Gates believes that with all the work being put into developing treatments and vaccines for the virus, the pandemic should be under control by “the end of 2021” for the rich world, and by the “end of 2022,” for the “world at large.” 

More Phase 3 Data Needed

Gates believes that at least three or four months of Phase 3 data will be needed to determine whether or not a vaccine is safe for use on humans, as more than 160 vaccines are in development worldwide. Two of the four most promising vaccines are currently being developed by US Pharmaceuticals Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech.

Phase 3 is the most important phase during a vaccine trial since it ensures the vaccine’s safety for human usage. However, it is also the phase where most vaccines in development fail. Gates expressed his concern over countries like Russia and China beginning human trials before ensuring the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness. He also gave credit to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for sticking to “requiring proof of efficacy,” and not taking any chances. 

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