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CDC Releases Revised Guidelines to Start Reopening the Economy

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Thursday released the new and revised guidelines on reopening certain businesses. The document outlines the steps to be taken by business owners to keep employees and customers safe. 

More States and Businesses to Reopen Soon 

The White House task force issued broad guidelines for an economic reopening on April 16, but specifics were left to states and local authorities, which discouraged many – as businesses that reopened said that they’ve seen few customers as a majority of Americans remain reluctant of socializing and shopping amid the pandemic. 

The CDC guidelines recommend Americans continue following the social distancing rules. For example, bars and restaurants can add spacing of tables and tools, as well as encourage drive-through and delivery, and limit party sizes and occupancy. Checking for signs and symptoms of the disease as much as possible is also on the list. Mass-transit operators could close out every other row of seats to space out passengers, as well as limit routes to and from high-transmission areas. 

Despite the virus still infecting people across the US, the country is bound for a reopening eventually, as Republicans and Democrats clash over the recent $3 trillion stimulus package proposal.

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