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Freedom on Deck #131: While President Trump enjoys soaring poll numbers and continues to win big league for the American people of every race, color and creed, the left become more and more unhinged. We look into these and other stories as Ken Timmerman, author of “ISIS Begins”, and Paul Sutliff, of “Civilization Jihad Awareness”, stops by to talk Islamic extremism. http://kentimmerman.com/ http://paulsutliff.com/

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Julio Rivera

Julio Rivera is a small business consultant, political activist, writer and Editorial Director for Reactionary Times.  His writing, which is concentrated on politics and cybersecurity, has also been published by websites including Newsmax, The Hill, The Washington Times, LifeZette, The Washington Examiner, American Thinker, The Toronto Sun, PJ Media and many others.

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